There are some breakthroughs in the technology that have to happen for the TEDrone to exist. We need a way to mass produce the necessary components in the drone, such as lightning rods and the computer systems in the drone. We also need (a) capacitor(s) that can hold several bolts of lightning at once. This capacitor would have to hold about 250 farads, assuming that there are four capacitors on the drone. The average lightning strike is about 50 farads, but some can be up to 350 farads. We also need propellers that can make a drone fly 7 miles in the air. The air there is so thin that most propellers would just falter, as there is not enough air to move. There is some hope that turboprops might work, as they expel excess air out of the back of the engine.   The easiest way to make a capacitor hold more charge is to simply make the charged plates inside the bigger, or essentially making the capacitor bigger.