The first drone was made in 1917 and used by the U.S Navy. It was called the Hewitt Sperry Automatic Airplane and its purpose was to carry bombs during world war I. Before the drone ,the job of carrying bombs was the job of airplanes. We will make the first lightning generator, it wasn't possible before because nobody had a capacitor this strong. The first solar panel was made in 1954 by Bell Labs, it was originally made to work in space. The first wind generator was made in 1888 by Charles F Brush, it was made of steel, it generated about 12kW of electricity. The first hydro-electric plan was made in 1880, it was built in Niagara Falls because of how fast the water was moving. Ben Franklin tried to capture the power of lightning with a kite attached to a key. There have been efforts to capture lightning power by the French and German by using ultra-short lasers that were beamed into the storm cloud